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Excavations 2006

In the summer at 2006 (08/10 – 09/15) the first joint excavation of the Freie Universität Berlin and the Directorate of Antiquities of Syria at the mound of Tell Fakhariyah was conducted. Four soundings were excavated (A – D) and the topographical plan of 2005 was updated and completed.

Soundings A and B are situated on the north-eastern edge of the mound in order to enlarge the area already excavated by the team of the Oriental Institute Chicago in 1940. Deep soundings in both areas were aimed at clarifying the stratigraphy of the Tell. The general task was to yield more information about the density of occupation layers that can be investigated in the future.

In the western part of the upper town soundings C and D were opened. The main objective of our investigation in sounding C was to uncover middle assyrian occupation layers directly beneath the surface of the modern Tell. In sounding D the stratigraphic situation in one of the most important areas of the Tell was examined.